La Journée Sans Rien Apprendre

Programme préliminaire
pour la première célébration internationale de

Les unschoolers ont besoin de congés. Lorsqu'on leur demande s'ils s'instruisent en été, ils répondent "oui". Lorsqu'on leur demande s'ils se reposent parfois de tous ces apprentissages, ils répondent "jamais".

Et cela fait bien longtemps que ça dure.

Le 24 Juillet 2008 sera la première (et peut-être la dernière) journée annuelle "Sans rien apprendre" pour les unschoolers, bien qu’elle puisse être fêtée par quiconque le désire.

"La Journée Sans Rien Apprendre" (Learn Nothing Day) sera célébrée le 25 juillet dans l'Utah (les citoyens de l'Utah sauront

Plus sur unschooling, en français (More about Unschooling, in French)

Translation by Sylvie Martin and Jeanine Barbé, with the help of Bea Mantovani
and the offer of more help by Anne Mills. Thank you all!

DISCUSSION about the word choices:

"La Journée Sans Rien Apprendre" is a fully translated page here

There were some problems with translating "void in Utah":

Sylvie wrote:
"With Jeanine, we had difficulties for the word : VOID. I think we understood.. is it like "Day off" ? If yes, it's "jour férié" in french."

Sylvie, it's like that day is not allowable, or is not applicable, or is cancelled out in Utah for the 24th. (It's because they have a big state holiday that day, Pioneer Day, and it's all about celebrating the history of Utah.)

Anne Mills wrote:
Whooo that is a tricky one ;-)

I would offer "pont" but not entirely sure, as it is in French the meaning of a day off that allows to connect with the pending week end.
Otherwise I dunno.

Bea Mantovani wrote:
I would write: "La Journée Sans Rien Apprendre" sera célébrée le 25
juillet dans l'Utah (les citoyens de l'Utah sauront pourquoi.)

or maybe

...sera exceptionellement célébrée le 25 juillet dans l'Utah...

or something like that

ps: I like "sans rien apprendre"! I was thinking it could be translated "la journée où on apprend rien" but that sounded kind of awkward... It's not easy translating "learn nothing day" in another language. lol (that might make it hard to learn nothing for people who speak several languages... what if they start thinking about how to translate the name of the holiday? lol)

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