A Learn Nothing Day Dilemma

Janine Davies wrote:
My youngest son Kes has been determined to crack ‘Learn nothing day’ ever since he heard of it 3 years ago, and he amuses us and himself very often with his ideas of how to do it…

As we know most (all) unschoolers fail epically very soon into the start of the day. ;-)
But Kes is determined to crack it! He mentions it a lot, and often randomly and quite suddenly he will jump up and proceed to run his latest cunning plan by us….Here is the conversation from recently.

Kes: Mum when is Learn Nothing Day? Is it soon?

Me: Yes, but it’s not until after your birthday.

Kes: Im going to crack it this year I really am! Im determined to find a way to learn nothing on that day….I know that trying to sleep through the whole day won’t work — because then I will have learnt how to sleep through a whole day! Is that even possible? I guess I could go into a trance like state, but then I will have learnt how to do that!
I know that if I kill myself then I will have learnt how to kill myself right before I die….

Me: Yes! And I don’t think anyone wants you to die for that day!

Kes: It really is impossible isn’t it! It's impossible to learn nothing on any day unless you are dead!

He then cracked himself up laughing! He laughed so much, and we all laughed too, and he kept saying over and over “It’s impossible!” and then laughing again, and he didn’t stop laughing for ages. :-)

Then he did stop suddenly, and said: “I'm still going to find a way! I am! Just you wait!” :-)

I love kids' take on it!

A couple of years ago, Raghu Bharadwaj (Hema's son) called me on the phone to tell me that Learn Nothing Day was the most terrible idea he's ever heard. I let him explain to me why he thought it wasn't going to work and that it wasn't worth trying. It was a fun conversation. I told him I was on an old phone that had a dial, and a cord to the wall. Just for fun I was discussing other things I thought would interest him. He's been to my house, and I had been to his (in India, though his family is in New Jersey these days, and was when he called). Luckily, he was calling me before Learn Nothing Day, and not on it.

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