Nicest history and review ever!

Cathy Koetsier's site has a very nice article on Learn Nothing Day:Learn Nothing Day

She has links through the ages (well, back to the beginning, six years ago), which I haven't even managed to do well myself yet! Please read that if you're curious about Learn Nothing Day, or want to see a nice summary.

In reading there on her site, I saw that she has a page on me. After an intro about me (and she has photos, too), Cathy moves (in response to a question someone sent her) toward how Christians can think about whether to take advice from (or buy a book by) someone whose beliefs don't match theirs. That was not easy reading, but interesting to consider. That first photo is me looking at medieval tiles. That was FUN.

Cathy's family has been very sweet to me. Yesterday I was at the Apple store having a one-to-one session about how to use iPhoto with my new phone, my iPad and my computer. The young man was very sweet. In the course of learning how to shift my photos through and among those three devices, I deleted (on purpose) all the photos on my iPad. Then I wanted to practice putting some back. I chose the folder I have had for many years (since before the iPad was invented) of three photos Cathy sent to me of her horses, when I had first written and said I loved her mailing address. It was
Whites Hill
She sent photos, to show me why it was called "Longfields." She invited me to visit!

Their family will move from that place soon, where I've been, to a new home in Norfolk (still the UK). I hope to get to visit Cathy there too, someday. Her children are growing up quickly, and I hope to get back while Kate is still home.

So the only photos on my iPad at the moment are by Cathy Koetsier, from 2009 and 2010. I have looked at these beautiful photos many times.

Let your thoughts wander far and near. Let connections flow. Just don't do it on July 24.

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