Leaning North Day

Joyce Fetteroll played around and created this!

on her facebook page, June 24, 2014 (the Bart Simpson day):
If you know what these things have in common, click LIKE. Don't give it away!
A thin grade nylon
A tiny angled horn
A Lady enthroning
A tinny old hanger
A nondrying lathe
A randy Noel night
A dingy north lane
After a few comments, she came back with more!

So after the
- ninth Go Learn Day
there will be
- a longer ninth day
followed by:
- Hog In Lantern Day
- Gonna Lint Her Day
- Leaning North Day
- A Long Thinner Day
- Long Inner Hat Day
- not Henna Girl Day
I wrote "Poor Henna Girls, though! Everyone else is IN!!!"

Joyce cleverly responded: "That's because of the "tardy henna log in". They need to register earlier next year!"

Joyce wasn't through. She added:
Last batch I think! You will need to get this all out of the way in the next 30 days:
Do Learn Anything!

Learn Toy Handing

And also:

One lanyard thing
A lardy neon thing
One dry anal thing
An older anything

And just in general "Learn A Dinghy Ton!" everyday.
(There were *a lot* of anals.) We need some prettier images after that. Like "Organdy Hat Linen". "Ah! Golden Yarn Tin." "Tinny Garden Halo." "Granny Hotline Ad."

(Note to self: To turn the "snow" back on, reset var SNOW_no = to something besides zero. The snow was making iPad screens jump, if scrolled to the bottom of the "page.")


  1. Joyce explained where she got her anagrams, later on that post. I'll put it here for those who might want to play with their own names or phrases.

    Quoting Joyce from here down:

    For those who haven't figured it out, but still want to ponder, don't click "See More"! Those who figured it out, may not know the name. Which is here ...


    They're called Anagrams. Which are words or phrases formed by rearranging the letters of a word or phrase. In this case: Learn Nothing Day.

    Try Googling "anagram". (Did you mean ...? :-)) The "Internet Anagram Server" is the one I used. I'd put a link here but it will show a picture and ruin my hiding!

    Way back before the internet was full of fascinating things to spend our time on, people would do Anagrams by hand. But now, of course, the internet will do them for you!

    If you click on Advanced at the "Internet Anagram Server" you can eliminate the little obscure words that can fill up the suggestions. For "Learn Nothing Day" I eliminated: "renal la oh roh nil nth loh renin re lien el loth gar ha rah ani rani iran tarn enrol ling en ghat lath rho eh ho lo doh hon tong tho yin yang yo ya ay nae"

    There's also a button on that page that lets you see the "candidate word list". (They won't necessarily be part of an anagram if the letters leftover don't form words.) There were some interesting words in Learn Nothing Day. Like gardenia, hinterland, hydrangea, earthling, gladiator, trainload, antihero ... (I need to stop! :-))


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