A hobbit gift from Joyce Fetteroll

This was new in 2014 but I'm bringing it back to the top because I've made a playable version here: Joyce's Hobbit-Gift Quiz

July 7 is Joyce's birthday!

She has built art made of puzzles. On the Radical Learning Info group on facebook, she wrote:
This is a hobbit birthday present for Sandra. And everyone. :-)

All the letters come from the first letters of words in the titles of 1960s TV shows. Except one which is a final letter.

I can't guarantee Sandra watched them all, but all were popular at the time. Though some have since drifted into obscurity. (Plain block lettering on title screens was surprisingly common back then so it was tricky finding distinctive letters. I wasn't *trying* to be obscure!)

Some, I think!, are relatively easy. Some have clues in the images. One, having a little knowledge of the uses of calligraphy will help with. (And then knowing there was a show—up until last year—that had to do with that :-)) One is from an updated logo of a show that lasted 31 seasons! Some I'll be real surprised if anyone gets. One of those has a connection with Sandra's years just beyond the 60's.

There are additional layers of 1960s mystery besides the letters. There's a better look at the screen behind the words here:

It would be preceded by this:

And followed by the background image on the right (on Joyce's art at the top). The one on the left was a constant annoyance.

Even the dials are becoming mysterious. 11 was supposed to snap into 11 but on bad reception days the challenge was to get it to stick at almost-11.

Click here for a larger version of Joyce's art (and click the image again for close-ups).

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