Lego Wheelbarrow

Alicia Gonzalez created this Lego "sculpture" of me, and offered to send it to me. Just this week, though, I had a discussion with my daughter, Holly, about the amount of stuff I will leave for my kids to sort through and clean up when/if I don't clean it out myself. I have moved from collecting things to collecting photos. So I told Alicia that would love to have the photo, and would be honored to reside in effigy in her children's Lego box.

I'm glad to share this with everyone here, and on my wheelbarrow blog too! Thank you, Alicia. It is beautiful, and sweet.

The original, on facebook and here on the wheelbarrow blog.

1 comment:

  1. My daughter just looked at the photo and said "Hey, that's the lady with all the cats from The Lego Movie." :)


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