Learn Nothing Day t-shirts

Years ago, on Kirby and Marty. Playing a video game. Learning nothing.

 photo LND2boys.jpg

Not so long ago, Kai G. at a playground in Keith, Australia:
 photo DSC01227.jpg

Me, then:
 photo LNDSandra.jpg

The shirts are still available. The markup is tiny. Once in a while I have enough credit for a mug or a shirt, (I just gave mugs to Alex Polikowsky and Pam Laricchia, for speaking in Rochester, so thanks, people who have bought shirts before.)

OR MAKE YOUR OWN with design art from here:
Make your own magnets, bumper stickers, wallpaper—I don't care. Have fun.

More of Kai that day. You won't see the front of the shirt, but you'll see what he was doing in the photo above:

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