Rainbow Lego frame by Elisa and Emilio

Alicia Gonzalez shared this on facebook, and wrote "Elisa and Emilio made this one with the remaining prints I had next to the laptop."

photo and children by Alicia Gonzalez

What they don't know...

 photo BART_learn_nothing.jpg

What they don't know won't hurt them.

Learn Nothing Day is intended for unschoolers, not just for anybody.
It will only work for experienced unschoolers, not for just anyone.
What's done is done, and fun is fun!

Bart art by drazzzv, from Bosnia and Herzegovina (and fiverr)

Sweet Little Podcast about Learn Nothing Day

Amy Childs has done a short and beautiful podcast about Learn Nothing Day. Besides my voice and Amy's, you can hear Alex Polkowsky, Hema Bharadwaj, Julie Daniel, and Amy's daughter Kayla.

A couple of links to go with that:
"Try not to learn. Don't try to learn. Those two aren't the same thing but they're close enough for beginners." (from the last paragraph of this 1998 interview: An Interview with Sandra Dodd

Criticism of Learn Nothing Day: http://sandradodd.com/learnnothingday/critics

3-D Lettering!

Hallie Kasiri wrote "For Lego Sandra!"

"Not sure if you can tell, but the tip of the first "a" is a teeny tiny little frog!"

Here's her family in their Lego artistry, and me (by Alicia Gonzalez):

Lego Wheelbarrow

Alicia Gonzalez created this Lego "sculpture" of me, and offered to send it to me. Just this week, though, I had a discussion with my daughter, Holly, about the amount of stuff I will leave for my kids to sort through and clean up when/if I don't clean it out myself. I have moved from collecting things to collecting photos. So I told Alicia that would love to have the photo, and would be honored to reside in effigy in her children's Lego box.

I'm glad to share this with everyone here, and on my wheelbarrow blog too! Thank you, Alicia. It is beautiful, and sweet.

The original, on facebook and here on the wheelbarrow blog.

Oregon TaDAA!

Gwen Montoya created this image and left it on my facebook page captioned "Fun at the Oregon Coast today!"


Magnet and stickers—

(Maybe there will be some more available next year.)

2015 note: There aren't! Maybe next next year.

Learn Nothing Day t-shirts

Years ago, on Kirby and Marty. Playing a video game. Learning nothing.

 photo LND2boys.jpg

Not so long ago, Kai G. at a playground in Keith, Australia:
 photo DSC01227.jpg

Me, then:
 photo LNDSandra.jpg

The shirts are still available. The markup is tiny. Once in a while I have enough credit for a mug or a shirt, (I just gave mugs to Alex Polikowsky and Pam Laricchia, for speaking in Rochester, so thanks, people who have bought shirts before.)

OR MAKE YOUR OWN with design art from here:
Make your own magnets, bumper stickers, wallpaper—I don't care. Have fun.

More of Kai that day. You won't see the front of the shirt, but you'll see what he was doing in the photo above:

Roblox, 2008

MD and Alex Polikowsky, 2008

and here are some details of the characters:

Winner in video category of Learn Nothing Day art contest in 2008.
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