Real and imagined languages


Erster Internationaler Welt-nichtslerntag

translated by Bea Mantovani, who also contributed Mandarin:


Just for fun:
Mandarin Chinese (I hope you can read the characters, I wrote it in
phonetics next to it just in case.)
第一国际无会日 (di yi guo ji wu xue ri)
(not 100 % sure this would sound great to a native ;-)


O le aso e leai se mea afia.

emmy tofa


From Hema A. Bharadwaj in Pune, India:

It's "Aaj kuch mat seekho". Meaning "don't learn anything today" in Hindi.
And in Kannada it is "Evat enoo kali byadaa"
and in Marathi it i s "Aaz kaahi shikoo nakaa"


Learn Nothing Day translated into lolspeak:

dai wut bees fur lernin nuttin

but no klikn doze linx on dai wut bees for lernin nuttin! humorz be
notoryus fur sneekin inta yuz brainiaks and makin yez lurn stuffiez.



ghoj pagh jaj
(If someone would like to expand on that or correct the grammar, that would be fine. Nancy Wooten is not fluent in Klingon, but did the best she could.)

I've translated it into the "op" language I used as a kid: Lopearopnop Noptophopinopgop Dopayop

(add "op" to every consonant (including "y" whether it's used as a vowel or consonant).

Robin B.
(Ropobopinop Bop)

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