2012 notes, Year 5

This is one of those back-dated posts. :-)

I will bring what I find on my site and out in the wild of the internet, from various years, and date them the end of July. Follow-up. Souvenirs.

Someone had asked in the Mothering magazine forum what was with Learn Nothing Day—was it serious? A joke? She didn't know what to think about it.

On July 24, 2012, "mary3mama" posted this response:
Coincidentally, I just blogged about Learn Nothing Day.

Here's my post: Oops

Here's the page on Sandra Dodd's site about the day.

IMHO the day serves to highlight that learning is a natural human function. The idea that we could truly spend a day 'learning nothing' is humorous. Which is what my own blog post is about.

So while I don't see it as a joke (and certainly not a criticism) it is light-hearted and joyful.
Nice blog post.

The original discussion: Can someone explain -Learn Nothing Day- to me?

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