2012 notes, Year 5

This is one of those back-dated posts. :-)

I will bring what I find on my site and out in the wild of the internet, from various years, and date them the end of July. Follow-up. Souvenirs.

Someone had asked in the Mothering magazine forum what was with Learn Nothing Day—was it serious? A joke? She didn't know what to think about it.

On July 24, 2012, "mary3mama" posted this response:
Coincidentally, I just blogged about Learn Nothing Day.

Here's my post: Oops

Here's the page on Sandra Dodd's site about the day.

IMHO the day serves to highlight that learning is a natural human function. The idea that we could truly spend a day 'learning nothing' is humorous. Which is what my own blog post is about.

So while I don't see it as a joke (and certainly not a criticism) it is light-hearted and joyful.
Nice blog post.

The original discussion: Can someone explain -Learn Nothing Day- to me?

Year 5

This was published July 24, 2012 as Learn Nothing Day, year 5,and there were comments there, too.

Five years and people STILL can't succeed.

Well, hell. (That rhymes aurally and visually both, though well mell would be prettier visual; bummer it doesn't mean anything. Maybe in Wales they could do something with well llew...)

It's still morning in the U.S. and people are giving up already left and right. I will add to this reportage as the day goes on, which should be fine, because unschoolers should be staying away from the internet if they don't want to learn something today anyway.

Sarah Dickinson made a cake while attempting not to learn:

Kelly Haldorson made a graphic image that was shared around Facebook. I looked at some of those.

Someone (whose name I didn't save and who should remain anonymous) wrote
Is that like smoke-a-cigar day or cut-yourself-on-purpose day? Why chose to damage yourself? Thanks alot Google, we have one more evidence that you are NOT looking out for our interests, rather herding us like sheep being stolen from the shepherd.
In order to blame Google, she would have to NOT READ that I made it up and Holly did the art.

There was a little discussion on Facebook where I said it was like a game, and you join in by showing you know how it works. In response to a question, then, about whether it's a holiday or a game, I wrote:

Well... it's a holiday when people demonstrate what they've learned about learning by attempting not to learn, which is kind of a science experiment and kind of a festival and sort of a game.

It's like a set of Thinking Sticks. It's a game, it's a tool, it's a toy. :-) More than one thing is happening.

In the comments there was a link to a blog post: Epic Fail

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