El Dia de No Aprender Nada


The first translation was "El primer Dia Internacional de Aprender Nada", but later Barbara wrote this:
My translation spurred some internal disagreement (as so many do) about the use of the double negative in Spanish: Part of me still wants to call it "El Dia de NO Aprender Nada", as that sounds more natural, while my initially submitted contribution was "El Dia de Aprender Nada" as a more literal "Learn Nothing" day translation, which to me has some philosophical connotations (not just that we would try NOT to learn that day, but that by "learning nothing" we would be somehow "learning about nothing" if you will, which I realize is contrary to the intent of the holiday :) but still struck me as meaningful in context. So, my disclaimer is, for a purist, the transilation "El Dia de No Aprender Nada" might be more appropriate.

Barbara Perez

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