The Last Big Deal

The last time I made a big deal about Learn Nothing day was 2014, when it was the 7th.
This year (2017) will be #10.

There isn't another fancy number coming until 2027, or 2032. If I'm still around and if Learn Nothing Day is still remembered then, I might buy some crazy art and make a "woohoo!" celebration out of it then.

For now, though, I DO have some art still coming. There are chickens from Macedonia (in motion), a magic trick from Jamaica, a banana leaf from Samoa, an air brush demo, and some more photoshop fun – something nearly every day until the 24th.

From the 10th Learn Nothing Day until the seventh anniversary of Just Add Light and Stir (September 2, 2017), I'll ask for donations. I didn't do that last year. I won't request financial help again until 2020.

Thank you for reading this, and for your kind words, well wishes and good will.

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