Fail, 2017 (POOF - learning!)

Colleen Prieto wrote:
We didn't last 5 minutes before POOF - learning!!!
The rest of that and lots of others above and below it are here: July 24 at 11:45 am

Shan Burton told a couple of stories and summarized:
The Burton family - Wildly successful at utterly failing to learn nothing.

Emily Strength wrote in 2017 (and has let me share it):

A Learn Nothing Day Report

I had to work today so I knew I was doomed to fail. I didn't even try.

Aviva bombed it as soon as she woke up. She watched ABC, number and nursery rhyme videos on youtube while I worked.
By the time all the kids were awake and I remembered to tell them what day it was, Zaria had already watched a video with a kid getting stitches. Too late for her too!

When I told them what day it was Liliana asked what Learn Nothing Day is all about and when I told her, she said, “Well now I just learned something!”

Ezabella remembered from last year, so you'd think she'd be on top of things. But NO, she went and asked me who came up with Learn Nothing Day. So I told her Sandra Dodd did and why.

Everyone had technically already failed the day, but I was determined to try to redeem it.

Ezabella told me she was going to use her Triller app to make music videos and I said that was fine as long as she didn't use any new features or songs. She immediately disobeyed me and learned how to use new filters!

Zaria and I had to look up the Amazon river and piranhas, because she was asking about them when we went to the lake yesterday. But 10 or 15 minutes of maps and fish videos wasn't too bad, right?

Then Zaria and Ezabella watched music videos, and since they were all songs they knew by heart, I thought they'd be fine. But no, they had to make up new dance moves!

We ran out of propane, but Zaria said it was ok, because the microwave still had propane. I couldn't keep my mouth shut... I went and told her that it runs on electricity.

We went swimming. I thought that would safe, since they all know how to swim already, except Aviva who uses her floaty. Surely they couldn't learn anything new in half an hour of swimming.

But then the neighbor kid and her mom came with us, and the mom brought her crystal singing bowls and used them while we swam. Of course the kids asked her what they were and how they worked. Ezabella connected them to her quartz rocks. The neighbor and I talked about yoga, energy, meditation, the frequencies of linen and wool and the science behind the Bible saying not to mix them, the gems on the high priest's breastplate and more. The kids heard it all and talked with us!

Ezabella asked me if sharks ever swim or hunt in groups. Fortunately I don't know much about sharks and could only give her some guesses and tell her we'd look it up later, so that one was mostly averted. Maybe she won't look it up till tomorrow.
When we came back from swimming, Liliana wanted to crochet a hat for her sock puppet doll that she sewed yesterday, so I gave in and showed her how. After the pool, there was no redeeming this day anyway.

Zaria did a little crocheting and a little bracelet making.

Liliana walked down the street to pick blackberries.

Ezabella wanted to buy hair dye, and we almost did, but then we read that she should stay out of the pool with dyed hair. So she decided to buy a book with her money from washing the neighbor's cars the other day.

The rest of the evening, I was working and Damien was with them. I haven't asked what they learned, so I'll just pretend that if I don't know what they learned, it means they didn't learn anything, and that we had a successful evening.

Now we're about to go outside and look for the new moon.

The end of another failed Learn Nothing Day. We'll try again next year!


If I find links to blog posts or other accounts, I'll add them here, for the record, to warn future generations how easily this can fail.

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