One more month of learning

I'm posting this on June 24. July 24 is that One Big Holiday for unschoolers. Learn as much as you can before the big lull, the shut-off, the power-down, the void. Oh, that reminds me about the discussion of how difficult it was to translate "void in Utah" to French. Even "Learn Nothing Day" can be hard to translate.

Everything reminds me of lots of things.

This art was new in 2015. The Lego arrangement, photo and image were all created by Alicia Gonzalez-Lopez with help and encouragement from her artistic children.

Alicia sent me "Lego Sandra" with her wheelbarrow (inspired by my "Wheelbarrow things" blog: Wheelbarrows). The little sign is really a miniature little physical sign). I gave it a train ride, on the Cumbres & Toltec, in August that year:

It rode inside, but I posed it on the engine when we stopped for lunch.

Tenth Learn Nothing day will be in 2017

The tenth one! Coming soon. Learn all you can before then.

Below are some portals to the learning of trivia or profundity or both, in case you want to learn.
When July 24th comes, try NOT to learn. Try to not learn, that day, for sure.

Click the randomizing dice:
Thinking Sticks—Ideas and connections

Images and quotes and links and smiles
Add Light and Stir

If you choose randomly, I'm probably in there. Not all of them, but lots. "More Extra Bits" at the bottom is all me.
(Me and Amy Childs, the interviewer/creator of the beautiful, short podcasts.)
Unschooling Support

Happy Learn Something Day! (One of 364 or so.)

Already, in April? No, just a thought

Virginia Warren made that as part of a long thread of examples of worthless posts, at Radical Unschooling Info.

Learn Nothing Day #10, coming in July!
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