The Black Sea, from Bulgaria

From Bulgaria, a reminder of July 24, for unschoolers.
There are shells. Sound of sea! Ships (briefly).

I had put the video on facebook, but I'd like to have the full collection here.
Art and video by vvarna, at

Thirty-day countdown—One More Month

Why not Utah?

This is a list of holidays, by state, in the U.S., in 1960. Note Utah. There are a lot of stories in this data set!
But it will be more difficult to Learn Nothing, that day, in Utah, generally, than in other places in the world.

If you click the image, and then click THAT image, you can see it larger than the original. Nice old 1960's font.

Here are some notes about translating "Void in Utah" into French (and why one might want to do that).

Unschoolers in Utah can use the day before or after, or just any old day.
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